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Listed below are the lessons we offer listed by course. Please note that we do not send specific lessons or courses. When you sign up, we will mail you the first two lessons of the first course. After that booklet is completed and returned to us, we will mail you the next one.

Exploring God's Word - Course 1 (EXGW)
Book 1Lesson 1What is God Like? Part 1
Lesson 2What is God Like? Part 2
Book 2Lesson 3Where Did We Come From?
Lesson 4Who is Our Enemy?
Book 3Lesson 5Who is the Promised Savior?
Lesson 6Jesus is Alive Today!
Book 4Lesson 71 2 3 4...Four Questions
Lesson 8I can become a Child of God!
Book 5Lesson 9Jesus is Coming Again!
Lesson 104 Things God Wants Me to Know...
Book 6Lesson 11I am a New Person!
Lesson 12Jesus is my King Forever!

The New Life in Christ - Course 2 (NL2)
Book 1Lesson 1Jesus Christ – The Promised Savior
Lesson 2Jesus Christ – The Mighty God
Book 2Lesson 3Jesus Christ – The Great Teacher
Lesson 4Jesus Christ – The Lamb of God
Book 3Lesson 5Jesus Christ – The Risen Lord
Lesson 6Jesus Christ – Lord of All
Book 4Lesson 7Jesus Christ – Our Intercessor
Lesson 8Jesus Christ – Our Righteousness
Book 5Lesson 9Jesus Christ – Our All in All
Lesson 10Jesus Christ – Our Life
Book 6Lesson 11Jesus Christ – Our Coming King
Lesson 12Jesus Christ – Our King Forever

The New Life in Christ - Course 3 (NL3)
Book 1Lesson 1Creation
Book 2Lesson 2Creation of Man
Lesson 3Satan
Book 3Lesson 4The Fall of Man
Lesson 5In Adam
Book 4Lesson 6God’s 2nd Man
Lesson 7The New Birth
Book 5Lesson 8In Christ
Lesson 9A New Relationship
Book 6Lesson 10A New Kingdom
Lesson 11A New Master
Book 7Lesson 12A New Power
Lesson 13Love Not the World
Book 8Lesson 14Victory Over Satan
Lesson 15How to Live the Christian Life
Book 9Lesson 16Consecration
Lesson 17One Body in Christ
Book 10Lesson 18The Local Church
Lesson 19The Great Commission
Book 11Lesson 20Approved Unto God
Lesson 21Leading Souls to Christ
Book 12Lesson 22Prayer and Warfare
Lesson 23How to Overcome Temptation
Book 13Lesson 24Victory in Christ
Lesson 25Jesus is Coming Soon

Practical Christian Living - Course 4 (PCL)
Book 1Lesson 1Facts, Faith, Feelings
Lesson 2How to be Sure You are Saved
Lesson 3The Best Choice
Book 2Lesson 4Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority
Lesson 5Learning to Accept Myself
Lesson 6Why Isn't Christ Real to Me?
Book 3Lesson 7Gaining A Clear Conscience: Part 1
Lesson 8Gaining A Clear Conscience: Part 2
Lesson 9God's Discipline
Book 4Lesson 10God's Authority
Lesson 11God's Delegated Authority
Lesson 12God's Chastening
Book 5Lesson 13Understanding Our Deepest Needs: Part 1
Lesson 14Understanding Our Deepest Needs: Part 2
Lesson 15Learning to be Content
Book 6Lesson 16Dealing with Anger
Lesson 17Reaction and Resentment
Lesson 18Turning from Bitterness to Forgiveness
Book 7Lesson 19Building Right Relationships: Part 1
Lesson 20Building Right Relationships: Part 2
Lesson 21Love One Another
Book 8Lesson 22Managing Our Finances
Lesson 23God's Guidelines for Giving
 Lesson 24The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life